Psalm 35 – For Crying Out Loud 

What is it about some people that makes them unable to express themselves?

Whatever it is, reading some Psalms gives voice for the things we often cannot express. This one is a doozy. 

The Psalmist knows what it is to be put under pressure, what it is to face outright hostility, what it is to be the subject of a campaign of hatred and antagonism. He is not interested in a true. He is not interested in making peace. He just wants them dealt with, for crying out loud. He needs deliverance. 

Under that degree of pressure that expression and reliance on God is going to be preferable to what would happen if we took matters in our own hands. 

A Psalm like this is just the job when the pressure gets too much and there is much to be gained considering these. 

For His Name’s Sake 


C. L. J. Dryden