Psalm 34 – Taste, See, Teach to Taste, See …

It is a beautiful and a profound psalm to exclaim when you’ve just experienced what David experienced. To have gone through that episode and taken that particular course of action and see God come through for him in that way. It’s an amazing Psalm.

It reminds me of the word ecstatic.

I just imagine David flowing in that situation where in the light of God relieving him of the tough situation he just wants to express his ecstatic thanksgiving to the God He can trust to get him out of these tricky situations. Not only is there praise and rejoicing, there’s a commitment and urge to teach and encourage others to trust in God to this degree.

Makes me wonder if we’re desirous to teach others of the importance of trusting God after He has rescued us. Not just tell people, but teach people. And not just teach people as though it’s an academic exercise – but teach through ecstatic expression of extraordinary experience.

A particular extraordinary experience that a number of believers can attest to is found in verse 18 where the brokenhearted are comforted by the Lord and rescued by Him. That rescue in itself is found in the journey from darkness to light. Appreciating that rescue job is a great place to share and actively teach about what it is to benefit from tasting and seeing that the Lord is good.

For His Name’s Sake


C. L. J. Dryden


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