Psalm 33 – Get Some Perspective

It is an incredibly self-centred world we can live in. The immediacy and urgency of the now in me and the needs that drive me from outside and within can allow perspective to be very small. changes take place that appear to put me at a disadvantage while others who don’t share my beliefs are prospering. They are doing well on the surface and others are getting crushed in the meantime.

Just a little beyond me changes are taking place in the world leading to a lot of people having concerns and anxieties about how the world is turning out. It looks as though things are spiralling out of control and no one seems to be there to do anything about it.

Once you get a different perspective on things it can change everything including the response to the seemingly bad things. Once you take a few steps away and get an elevated look on things, it’s not that the evil isn’t there, it’s that it’s put in its proper place.

That’s why Psalms like the 33rd one are so important. We can praise him with the instruments and celebrate Him and desire to get closer to Him, because He gives some indication of a better perspective on things. That perspective comes with trust and experience. That perspective comes with trusting His character and seeing Him come through on the small and large scale.

The sovereignty of God is what’s celebrated in this Psalm and that perspective on Him being sovereign should influence and shape how we see what we see. Blessed folks who can live with a great reduction in anxiety are those who trust in the God who is sovereign.

They may think they have won the day in their ruling, but God will show who really rules and overrules in the affairs of man.

For His Name’s Sake


C. L. J. Dryden


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