Psalm 29 – Something About His Voice 

Credit where credit’s due. 

James Earl Jones had a brilliant voice. The guy who gave us the menace in the utterances of  Darth Vader was a masterful orator in his own way. Morgan Freeman has distinctive tones that also does much for the listener. For these and other noted speakers it is something about the way they command respect through the authority in their delivery. Even in the reassuring way they sooth you with their soft dulcet tones they command in a compelling way that others cannot match with all the hollering, screeching or bellowing. 

Credit where credit’s due. 

For all these folks with great voices, this Psalm expresses adoration for one with a voice even greater. A voice that can rearrange mighty pieces of creation. A voice that shatters that which appears indestructible. A voice that makes the bravest souls quiver in dread. A voice so awesome that all at the sound of it acknowledge the glory therein. 

Such knowledge of this voice is worthwhile for those difficulties in life. Some situations seem insurmountable, some issues appear to be so well embedded any sign of change is considered a fantasy. We are told that’s the way things are and that’s the way things will stay. Yet knowing the voice of the Lord can make all the difference even in that situation. 

It reminds me of an episode where a group of fishermen were in a tough spot as far as the weather was concerned to the point they thought they would die. They woke up their snoozing passenger who commanded the elements to be still by the power in his voice. He did not shout or scream, they all sweetly obeyed His will. 

Oh to be closer wrapped up in adoration of the one whose voice makes the difference in those situations. 

Credit where credit’s due. 

For His Name’s Sake 


C. L. J. Dryden