Psalm 28 – Sticking With Him

It would be very tempting when it appears as though evil is prevailing to slip into some of it.

The Psalmist was aware of the sorts who would put up a good front but behind the smiling eyes would lurk the menacing type who would betray in a heartbeat. He was aware of the types who used deception and distraction to take advantage of others.

It would have been more than understandable if he chose to fall in with those who were that way inclined, but there’s something about knowing God that makes you aware that as far as they might go there is an end awaiting them that willnot be pleasant. Not only that, but there is something farmore reliable, real and true to be found in trusting God who has never failed in doing what’s right.

That degree of trust is how the writer knows that it’s worth sticking with the Rock of his salvation. At times when we are sorely tempted to engage in something untoward, let us be about the business of remembering where our trust is assured.

Let’s stick with Him.

For His Name’s Sake


C. L. J. Dryden


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