Psalm 26 – Bless Him Because We Belong to Him

The Psalmist was not perfect. Neither was he writing from a position of never having done a thing wrong in his life. 

Nevertheless the claims he makes in this Psalm are bold ones. Very bold ones indeed – trusted in the Lord without wavering, walked in his integrity, washes his hands in innocence before God. Bold claims and could give someone the impression that you have to have it altogether before you can cry out to God for help in times of trouble. 

Here is a word of reassurance. The Psalmist is as much talking about the desire of his heart than a perfect record. This is what would mark him out as one God selected because here was a guy after his own heart – ever desirous to enjoy God’s presence and do things right by his God. 

Something incredible happens to those who likewise look to the Lord. They too discover the heart to be desirous for the things that please Him and develop a disgust for the things that disgust Him. That heart inclination is a marvellous work of God. It also puts us in a position where the intentions of this Psalm can be our own. We live by integrity, we love being wherever God is, we choose Him and disregard those who would prove to be a hindrance to Him. 

It is not to suggest that we then have God at our beck and call because we’re so good. It is to know that our God is delighted to rescue us from opposition, He is willing to deliver us from the evil one. He does this for His pleasure because He sees that we are His. 

That’s why it’s also good to regularly open ourselves to godly scrutiny to ensure that we are in line with Him. 

For His Name’s Sake 


C. L. J. Dryden 


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