Psalm 20 – We Will Trust The God Who Saves

This Psalm comes across as someone encouraging someone else to trust in God.

Why? Trust because He is able to deliver us from troublesome situations. Trust because He is engaging with you and the life you live. It’s not a one-sided relationship with a deaf, dumb and mute idol. He shows grace and we respond and H engages further in the conversation. He hears, engages and sees us in our situation and then acts to ensure we are saved from that which seeks to crush and lead us away from that which is right.

When that trust is placed in God and we see Him act on our behalf it’s another reason to offer praise and thanksgiving for the great things He has done. It’s also another reason to reaffirm that what we trust in the most is not material and physical. It’s not a product of our own ingenuity, it is not manmade in the slightest. While others can place their trust in those, our experience says that we can trust the God who saves. That trust is a greater, stronger trust, not because of our efforts, but because of the source of the trust.

It’s a difficult trust in the God who save in a world that looks to trust in so many other things – nationalities, personalities, technologies, institutions, philosophies – all things that people invest in and all leads to the same fatal outcome. It doesn’t save, it just appears to postpone the inevitable. It is appealing, it sways so many, you’re made to feel inferior in any way for ignoring these.

Take heart,though, trusting the God who saves who has also rescued His King, makes all the difference. Take who in continuing to trust in the God who saves – He doesn’t just rescue for the moment, He is in the business of saving for life – eternal life.

For His Name’s Sake


C. L. J. Dryden


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