Psalm 19 – The Wonder of Revelation 

Awe. It’s quite a word. 

One thing that comes across to me reading Psalm 19 is how awestruck the Psalmist is. He looks at creation, he considers the written word of God and He has the same awe. Isn’t awesome how God has spoken. Not only has He spoken but that He has spoken. 

In how He has spoken He reveals Himself and His glory. In how He speaks He indicates how we can live to reflect His character and His glory. He has not left anything to chance at all, He has made it quite clear in nature and in His Word that He longs to show us just who He is and who we were created to be in the light of Him. That picture is a glorious one if we but had the sense to behold it and be captivated. 

That awe influences that last verse which now more than ever sounds like the request of a child to a father to help her make sure everything she does is right so she can enjoy everything made for her. Similarly we can enjoy the life we were made for as we ensure what is in the heart and flows out of the mouth is something reflective of this glorious God in whom we should be in awe. 

To see that awe then take on human flesh and walk among us and die for us to rise from the dead and offer life eternal through faith in Him is all the more awe-inspiring and truly embracing that provokes a heart desperate to know Him, love Him and live for Him. 

For His Name’s Sake 


C. L. J. Dryden 


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