Psalm 17 – Stay In The Right

To know that all these are words to things that people would sing continues to amaze me.

Not to say profound lyrics are rare these days, I don’t believe that’s the case. What Psalms highlights however is how amazing it is to convey such real truths of life with God.

Here it’s the way how the Psalmist relates to God in saying that after being examined and tested he is still desirous to do the right thing by God. On that basis the writer wants God to deal with the opposition who carry out everything against the right thing.

The overriding feeling I get from this Psalm is the passion for righteousness. It is not a childish flounce begging God to kill his enemies. Its a concern for righteousness and a desire for that to be sustained.

That degree of passion is coming from a life committed to doing what’s right and looking to God to help him to stay that way. That level of passion is one to be admired and pursued ourselves to enrich and deepen our relationship with God and appreciation of life. That puts everything in perspective – it’s not just dealing with things on a superficial level. It is no longer about taking things personally to the degree that we have individuals in our sights who we hold a grudge against. This is about righteousness being at stake. A state of being we not just admire, it’s one we adore and devote our life to. Something of such great value when it is going to be challenged or corrupted should evoke strong reactions. How we do that now will say much about what we value. It’s not something that can be expressed in cool distilled measured language, just as you wouldn’t express such a tone if you saw someone precious to you about to get run over.

That passion to stay in the right is one that I take from the Psalm and informs and instructs my own relationship with the Almighty.

For His Name’s Sake


C. L. J. Dryden


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