Psalm 10 – Making A Complaint 

It’s probably better to have a basis on which to make a complaint to an authority that can respond.. It’s even better when the basis is put in place by that authority. 

The alternative is to just share an opinion and grievance that just gets airtime but nothing happens because anybody that does care has no point from which they can act to do anything about it. Whereas the case could be that those who could do something about it, don’t care enough to prioritise the matter. 

The complaint in this Psalm, however, is well presented, vividly so in terms of how the wicked appears to be getting away with their wickedness. The first two thirds of the Psalm really depict a disregard for God and for any semblance of fairness in favour of exploiting and crushing those less well off. I am sure there are those who would insist that definitely appears to still be the case. Rich get richer and the poor get poorer. Economic disaster hits and it is rarely those who perpetuate it that suffer. Work forces treated less than human but little is done to protect them because the powerful have allies and they can always point to things like profit and the impact they’re having on the larger scale. 

Other aspects of life could also be referenced to reinforce the complaint made by the Psalmist. Yet he doesn’t just complain, he is after action. He has a request. He knows he can make this appeal because of the character of the One who listens. That can make all the difference where the hopes and desires of people are concerned.. 

Experience teaches us that there’s little point in making the issue personal and focus on this individual or that. The real desire for justice is to see the powers behind the scenes – those that incite such wickedness to be broken. That desire as well is something that can be made because of the character of the Listener. 

We don’t say there’s no hope and no God. We can make our voices heard because there is a God and there is hope in Him because of His character. 

So by all means highlight how dreadful the situation is, but do so safe in the knowledge that when the complaint is registered at the right authority there is hope for righteousness to prevail. 

For His Name’s Sake 


C. L. J. Dryden 


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