Psalm 7 – God, Righteousness and the Refuge

My boss at work, some of my work colleagues, some from my social circle too. They all seemed to be on my back and not in a polite way either. 

The hostility appeared to intensify at times and I knew that I hadn’t done anything wrong. I was working harder than ever and doing my best to be helpful and kind to others. For all that though I seemed to be just getting more grief for it. 

That grief appeared relentless and then I came across this Psalm and felt the same need for God to be a place of refuge for me. A place to feel protected and safe. A place likewise where I could look to God to consider my situation and judge it in His wisdom whilst dealing with those who were patently looking to make my life a misery. This Psalm helped me grow in confidence that God would do what was right in my situation. 

The issues did not disappear overnight and the relentless barrage of hostility looked to pick up a little. Yet I knew the more the effort was put in to disrupt and upset me, the more I could see they were just setting up a trap that they themselves would fall into. It was for me to do what was right by God. It was for me to find my refuge in Him and wait until He took me through as He does because He is a faithful and righteous God. This God could be trusted then, this God – my God – could be trusted now. 

For His Name’s Sake 


C. L. J. Dryden 


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