Psalm 4 – Plea

The word plea really captures the heart of this Psalm. Plea to God and a plea to people.

The safety David finds in God at the conclusion of the Psalm is remarkable and reassuring, but it is the plea to the people in particular that caught my attention.

Intriguing that David is calling people away from idolatry and slack attitude to God to take on a more reverent approach to God.

Even as the plea goes up to God and to the people for them to return to a right attitude to God, I wonder if that is our heart’s plea. Not only for us to have a right attitude to God, but for those we love and with whom we do life, to cultivate a right relationship with God.

It’s one thing to be assured in yourself that when you go to sleep you will be at peace. It’s another thing however to have concern for those around you. A concern that hopefully can lead to them sharing that same confidence only in the Lord.

It’s a plea worth making.

For His Name’s Sake


C. L. J. Dryden


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