Psalm 3 – Faith in the Face of Opposition

Something I appreciate about the Psalms is the way writers talk from the heart.

Here is David on the run from his son. The once highly regarded King is now reverting to his fugitive days before the crown. This is worse, though. It’s not only a family affair, it’s a matter of people who used to regale him now agreeing with him being unceremoniously deposed.

Walking sadly from his own city with a retinue of his faithful, this was a bitter and sorrowful time for David. It says something about him that he still has the presence of mind to note his situation in a song.

His circumstance is dire. The need is real. The cry is real. Yet there is still a defiance. A faith that won’t give up under the pressure. There’s a confidence and a desperate dependence on God.

Psalms like this encourage me in my expression to God to learn to be brutally honest in expressing how things are going and still developing a faith stance that trusts Him to deliver, to rescue, to save, to do the vengeance thing that I know I would mess up if left to me.

Oh for the grace to live with this defiant faith in the face of great opposition.

For His Name’s Sake


C. L. J. Dryden


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