Psalm 2 – Conspire or Devote

I have an older sister. When we were children, she was bigger and stronger than me. This was evident time and again whenever there was a battle between us. I am sure my parents were amused at my efforts at getting one over on her. It was an act in futility. It would have made more sense for me to acknowledge that rather than plot and scheme and devise ways to finally vanquish she who would be vanquished.

The Almighty God. Some don’t believe in him and are not bothered about it. Others, however, seem to not just actively suggest he does not exist, but make it their point of duty to rail against those who believe He does. It would be odd behaviour, if it wasn’t for the fact there’s precedent. Precedent for those who make it their thing to conspire against the Lord and against His Anointed One.

They looked to quiet Him by looking to kill Him. They looked to quiet Him by then looking to shut up those who followed in His way. They sought to utilise different strategies and methods to defeat the inevitable. Yet every effort that has been made from outright violent opposition and persecution to more sophisticated efforts at destabilisting from within and systematic neutralising in political ideologies have all done nothing to alter the inevitable.

Exactly because it is inevitable.

The King has been established. He has all authority in heaven and on earth. He defeated death, sin and the devil. The way He did it as well confounds all those awaiting a military aggression. If these significant forces have been defeated, why do others still look to conspire against Him and those who follow Him? Why conduct the exercise in futility?

Yet for many of those who follow and believe, those exercises in futility can appear threatening. Pressure to compromise the faith on every hand. Unpopular portrayals of the faith blended in with the occasional puff piece on a positive thing done by those of the faith. Standards and decisions taken that oppose the faith in places of influence and earthly governance. Cultural pressures to conform to ungodly practices and ideas seen as the norm and the way to go and anything opposing that considered intolerant and unacceptable to civilised society.

The thing is, though, all of these types of opposition are destined to join the devil, death and sin in crushing defeat.

That’s a good reason to consider the reality of the Almighty. Not out of fear of what He will do to those who oppose Him, but to genuinely look at Him for who He is and see how it’s so much better to be devoted to Him than oppose Him. Consider what it is to be devoted to the one in whom you can find true refuge from the storms of life. Consider what it is to be devoted to the one who blesses those who find their refuge in Him.

That degree of devotion to Him then puts you in a position of safety is something worth pondering on. Even when you find yourself facing opposition, there is the knowledge that you have the backing and security of the One who inevitably rules over all.

For His Name’s Sake


C. L. J. Dryden


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