Psalm 1 – Two Ways 

The contrasts in this Psalm just won’t leave me alone. The imagery is so stark. The way of the blessed man and the way he achieves it in comparison to the way that opposes it. 

Meditating on the word day and night was something my youngest daughter heard and asked me about. She’s 6 years old, so it sounded a little odd to her that you could do something day and night. How I explained it to her was to get her to consider how her mother does certain things because it has become a part of her through thinking about it often. Such has been her thinking that now she doesn’t think about it, but it is still something she does naturally as a habit. Yet this is because of what affects her thinking throughout her day. 

That seemed to satisfy her and she even noticed how she could do something similar with what she thinks about and as a result does often. 

What we fixate ourselves on, however, can see us go one of two ways. It is good to be mindful of that in the hope that we can truly pursue and demonstrate the blessed life. 

For His Name’s Sake 


C. L. J. Dryden 

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