YIR16 – 11 – That Team Thing

November was a great month, but not primarily because it was my birthday. In fact my birthday was one of the most innocuous and forgettable birthdays of my life. 

What was of far greater interest was the theme on the team. I was inspired to explore again how important team is to accomplishing goals. For two weeks in the month a group of us intensely pursued God together on a number of matters and it was incredible to see how God used that time to share things close to His heart that I knew I took for granted. It was because of team that they came back to the forefront. 

There was one particular project that I had knocking around in my mind for years and because of team it finally moved from my mind to the material world. That also acted as a spur to be getting on with the business of sharing what’s up inside my head with those keen and eager to put things into action. This living business was never intended to be a solo act, so it was terrific seeing that proven again over November. 

That has stoked a flame of desire to continue to see great things done in that manner, supporting others and being supported by others to achieve great things for God. 

For His Name’s Sake


C. L. J. Dryden


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