December Thanks #28: Communication

2016 has been another year of my growing appreciation for WhatsApp, YouTube, Twitter, WordPress and other means of electronic communication.

They have been means by which I have been a recipient of the word and been a conveyor of the word. The word has come in greatly through those means. It has been a reminder again that the device and means itself is subject to those who use it. For as many as complain about the dross and garbage online there is available insightful, encouraging and beneficial material.

The year has been a turbulent one if you read certain sources. Celebrities dying, results going in surprising directions, etc. If you dwelt on that long enough from a certain perspective you would soon end up miserable. Thankfully there are other voices that even in their rebuke to the excesses and inhumanity prevalent, maintain a Kingdom hope and indicate towards a way of life that would be pleasing to the coming King.

It occurs to me more than ever before to be grateful for those voices effectively communicating through those means and be a part of that which seeks to shine the light in the darkness rather than just cursing it.

That occurs to me because this year has been enriched so greatly by being a recipient to such life-changing light. This light by communication has come to be something I treasure dearly in my life. It is something for which I will be forever grateful.

For His Name’s Sake


C. L. J. Dryden


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