YIR16 – 09 – By Their Fruit 

September was certainly a month dominated by fruit. 

Not as though I went on a fruit fast, but I might as well have done that for the focus I had on the matter. That degree of looking at the issue of fruit proved to be something that I benefited greatly from because it got me not just looking at outcomes but the heart of the matter with regards to what was generating those outcomes. What the motives were. Why what was being produced was being produced. If the fruit was bad, what could be done to change that. 

A lot of the time I came to the realisation that only God can change the source from which the fruit comes. That realisation was important because there is much around to suggest there are habits and activities that could be done to change the fruit myself. All of these, however, just put a different gloss on a familiar failing. New cover on the same failure. Walking and working with Jesus has got me to richly appreciate all the more how it is a transplant of the divine nature that can root me in the soil from which the fruit of the Spirit can emerge. 

September was a good month as well to begin exploring what God has gifted us with and the fruit He desires to see from those gifts. Truly the Giver gives so those gifted can give. 

These aren’t just lessons from September, but their emphasis in the month left an indelible mark on me. 

For His Name’s Sake


C. L. J. Dryden


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