YIR16 – 08 – Being Intentional

Ask and it shall be given. A very simple perspective Jesus encourages in the relationship between us as children to our Father. A simple principle that is easily forgotten when we don’t get what we want or when we have been brought up to do all the getting ourselves. The month of August brought me back to appreciating how privileged children of God are to be able to engage with the Father to see His heart for our wellbeing if we just take the time to look to Him. 

Until we get that sense of focusing on Him there is always going to be frustration. This is another reason why I loved August so much it highlighted the role patience plays in seeing what God has in store for us. Seeing my wife enjoy her birthday in Paris emphasised the rewards of patience as she was finally able to reap some of the goods from so long investing goodness in others. 

God, however, has always wanted us to look to Him not primarily for His gifts, but for His character, His presence, His delight in engaging with those who love Him for Him. Loving Him for Him is something reinforced over the month in times of prayer with others where there was generated an even greater desire for Him. 

Unveils, that is the process of bringing to sight what had always been there, was something I experienced even greater through the month. Not because I was super spiritual or anything, but it was clear that in His grace, God wasn’t going to keep me in mystery, but show me the way to go and the provisions He had deliberately set in the way to help. 

Something that helped in that regard was relationships that came to the forefront that helped me in my journey with Jesus. Key relationships budded over the month and gave evidence to the love God has for me. New relationships bring new insights and in themselves enrich the experience of what it is to walk with Jesus if I have the eyes to see it. Those new relationships have proven to be among the highlights of the year and just goes to show asking God can leave you open to receiving far more than what you wanted. 

Tangible throughout the month, was the goodness of God both in my most important relationship on earth and then through new relationships that impacted my life. August is one of my favourite months for that intentionality of seeing God at work as I learned to Ask Until God Unveils Something Tangible. 

For His Name’s Sake


C. L. J. Dryden


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