YIR15 – 05 – On the Free Flow 

May was a very interesting month. It was as if I had been released from something and a great rush of built up tension was released. 

It was timely for that to happen too as my dear middle daughter celebrated her tenth birthday. That was also significant because ten years ago I had experienced a great spiritual renaissance that was not just a relief but a release to get involved deeper in just what God wanted me to do. Now, although it was a different season, there was a case of God still at work on the building project that is my life. 

I get the sense that 2016 has seen a noted increase in the Bible Study I blogged through and May was a huge part of the upsurge in that. Exploring the book of 1 Samuel gave me a fresh love and appreciation for God, His Word and His ongoing desire to work with people as they work with Him. That in itself was highly influential in some key decisions that were to be made … 

For His Name’s Sake


C. L. J. Dryden


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