December Thanks #23: Food 

There are few physical experiences more satisfying than that of the sensations received on the completion of a great meal.

My upbringing instilled a great respect for engaging with the plate of food set before us and finishing every part of the meal. Leftovers were rare. That was usually because the meal that was prepared would be a sumptuous one. This was not because my family were cash rich and so brought in the best possible foods available. It was down to my Mum exercising her God-given gift of turning anything at her disposal in the kitchen into an unforgettable mouthwatering feast.

Unsurprisingly, I grew up with a large appetite and a great appreciation for meals prepared and presented well.

Nowadays not only is there great pleasure in enjoying that meal, there is even greater delight at sharing that experience with family and friends. The role meals have played in establishing and deepening relationships has been a powerful experience. It really is a great way to serve and honour others and setting the environment to be open and engaging on a wide range of issues.

These experiences have not just proven to be food for thought. They have shown again the value in celebrating Jesus as the daily bread and sharing Him with others over such great things as that sumptuous meal. I am forever grateful for that.

For His Name’s Sake


C. L. J. Dryden

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