YIR16 – 04 – Taking the Hint

It’s a pity that sometimes it takes so long for the penny to drop. Thank God it drops though. 

Someone I admire, recently asked if we lived the kind of lives we would want others to imitate in getting to follow Jesus. That is a heavy question to ask, but knowing we are called to make disciples, there should be something about us in our lifestyle that should be a big indicator to others. It should model the life of Christ not in a contrived fashion, but naturally flowing in the spiritual. 

April was a time where such realities finally hit home and the penny dropped for me. Clearly my whole heart wasn’t in certain forms of the Christian walk. Clearly I needed to take necessary steps to address this so that I wasn’t doing things for God without God, but I learnt again to do what God was doing with God. 

It was at times like April that the quality of my relationship with God and with my family came into sharp focus. I wasn’t kidding anyone but worse I was displaying a conflicted Christianity that would baffle and perplex those nearest to me looking on. 

Thank God the penny dropped and I took the hint. It was arguably one of the best decisions I made this year and lead to a liberation I had not experienced in years. 

For His Name’s Sake


C. L. J. Dryden


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