December Thanks #21: Faithfulness 

I am very thankful for a faithful God.

He evidently knows more than I do in so many different areas of life. This year has been so full of examples of Him expressing faithfulness where others lacked it. Consistency is something that friends and I admire a great deal and we aspire to a standard of it in self management, relational engagement and commitment to Kingdom causes. We find ourselves falling short time after time, but the grace of God enables us to dust ourselves down, look to Jesus and look to be what we see in Jesus.

Faithfulness is about still trusting and valuing the good we have to offer whatever the circumstances. God still trusts me to serve Him and others even when I mess up. He has shown that through some crucial relationships in my life where men of God have looked out for me and sought to support me and give me opportunities to bless others. These men have insight in my character, they know key flaws in me, they know the darkness and mess, but they know His grace is greater. They trust Him and they express faithfulness time and again.

As a result I am learning more of the  faithfulness of God and endeavouring to practice in key relationships that He has blessed me with. I see the challenges as the brokenness of the lost condition crops up from time to time, but thank God that His grace is greater and He remains ever faithful.

It’s that faithfulness that keeps me praising, serving, loving and looking to follow Jesus. It’s that faithfulness for which I am forever grateful.

For His Name’s Sake


C. L. J. Dryden


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