December Thanks #20: Perseverance

There are some truly exhilarating moments in life. Following Jesus has some points in it that are tear-inducing in its sheer joy and exuberance. It can get really marvellous.

Of course it’s not always like that. Sometimes it can be confusing. Sometimes it can appear humdrum. Sometimes it can be drab and dreary. There are even sometimes when an accumulation of things can lead to despair and truly wondering what is the point in continuing. The simple things can set off that despair. It doesn’t have to take much, but when it happens it can be so hard to remember the good times with Jesus.

From there it does not take much for serving others to be done out of duty or obligation and it being apparent that there is no heart in it. Like many things, though, when serving without the heart in it however beneficial it might be to others it is still lacking. Often I wonder how God views us when we behave like this – doing things out of routine, but our hearts far detached from him. I wonder, but I know how He deals with issues like this. He calls for repentance.

He is very gracious like that, because when He calls us to throw our cares on Him, He means that which brings us to despair. Not ignoring it, or covering it with activity, but opening it up and giving it to Him, painfully if necessary, but give it up. In exchange, by His presence, He guides us towards serving with the right heart. He guides us to keep moving with Him even if that season leads to time away from it all; even if that time leads to removing certain things from the schedule.

His grace is there to help us keep going. We keep going because of His grace. For that I am forever grateful.

For His Name’s Sake


C. L. J. Dryden


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