December Thanks #17: Laughter 

This one is for Andy.

I don’t think there has been anyone who has made me appreciate the power of laughter like Andy.

He brought out the truth that I had never considered properly of how people can be open to relax and engage by laughing. Not only that but stimulating others to laugh has a healing effect when done properly.

So many hostilities ebb away in the light of laughter and a heavy day is lightened by laughter. That’s not to suggest that laughter is a negative firm of escapism. Great truths can settle and make their place in the heart because of laughter. To be able to allow others to enjoy it is a blessing in itself so to be gifted in doing so is tremendous. To then use that gift to the glory of God is something I find to be highly admirable.

My route where that was concerned was always to go the cheesy route, looking for the quickest pun available. That works to a degree. But it is a gift to tap into the human experience and observe and then evoke such a reaction to the absurd in the normal. And whilst we laugh some other truths are thrown in there too and though some think it’s for entertainment, there’s something greater and deeper going on that people won’t experience until after the laughter fades.

This gift has been such a great help to me over the years. It’s a wonderful gift and I am thankful to those who use it for such good to others. For that I am forever grateful.

For His Name’s Sake


C. L. J. Dryden


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