December Thanks #14: Opposition

The idea was a good one. It would have given us the right focus to help achieve what was needed. It was heard out with due patience and consideration and then rejected with little reason given.

That was a bit baffling.

As time elapsed other suggestions and comments with dismissed out of hand and the thought that something was going a little wrong was no longer a thought. It was clear that a threat was being felt and the best way to deal with it was to suppress anything to the contrary of the relentless train of activity that was taking place. Unsurprisingly when a move away needed to be made there was little to nothing in terms of recognition, appreciation and support. By that time it was clear that what had been a joint venture and something that brought great benefit to both parties had now been just about what was to be accepted by the one with any variation or difference of opinion to be treated with disdain.

At the time it appeared to be a very hurtful thing to do indeed. In retrospect it was a good training ground to deal with opposition and rejection. The subtle and not so subtle way it was expressed taught a lot about how those who should be for you can provide the greatest opposition to progress. Yet what’s useful to remember is that it really isn’t anything personal at all – it’s everything spiritual. The person is not the problem. Indeed if you got rid of one person, two more could easily take their place. The issue is not about overcoming individuals and personalities – it is about identifying the spirit behind people operate and see it as an opportunity to expose it for what it is whilst rejoicing in the true Spirit that leads us to the point and moves us onto getting where God has always wanted us to be. Not in a place of bitterness and remorse, not in a place of malice over broken dreams, rather towards a place of grace.

Although there was pain to be had through the wiles opposition will take to oppose and resist, I am grateful for those opportunities they give for God to show up and come through. For that I will be forever grateful.

For His Name’s Sake


C. L. J. Dryden


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