December Thanks #13: Stories

A good friend of mine took me to watch a movie recently. I have probably been to about half a dozen films at the cinema this year. The film I watched with my friend is the second best one of the year. A really good story was told.

Why I am grateful for stories is that they are a portal into aspects of life that you think you have left behind, but are an intrinsic part of you. In as much as the story told may have nothing to do with you as you listen so it draws you in and you can become vicariously invested in the story itself. Not only does it have points that draw you in, it has points that illuminates something about life that is important to you. Themes like family, trust, friendship, loyalty, perseverance, growth, overcoming, sacrifice, ingenuity, love, justice, hope and the role humour plays in all that.

Good stories do not just take you in, they leave something with you when they end. As they do that, it can effect your ongoing life story.

The thing about stories which people often overlook is that the story has truth to it. That truth is not just about facts, that truth is about what is real, what is important, what defines life and how that shapes how life can get better. People’s individual lives are stories in themselves, which are worth investing in from what they did in the day to their journey of how they got their job, why they divorced their previous partner, how their children are the centre of their lives and hey even how they watched a good movie.

If we take the time to consider carefully those stories and see the key threads in them, who is to say our lives will forever be changed for the better by those stories. My own life has been amazingly altered by the impact the story of others have had on me. I desire to live a life based on the greatest story of life that will help others follow that story and see how they help to write the next chapter in that story by getting involved in it, in partnership with the Author.

Now, I am glad for the opportunity to share in the story of others. I am thankful for the power of the story which has changed me and changes me for the good and the great. I love God for the story and for that I am forever grateful.

For His Name’s Sake


C. L. J. Dryden


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