December Thanks #10: Grace

On some occasions, I have mentioned that it must be at times really hard to live with me. This often gets a vigorous nodding of the head from my daughters and an exaggerated look of not knowing what on earth I could possibly be talking about from my wife.

These aside, I have a decent idea of how challenging it must be to live with me, because often I find it difficult to live with me and I am me. This is a major reason why I am so glad for grace.

Grace points me back to my Creator and heavenly Father who delights in me in Christ. He has not avoided the blemishes and failings, He sees what Christ has done and affirms me as His own. I am His son. I am His created to reflect Him by the power of the indwelling Spirit. The same Spirit that rose Jesus from the dead now lives in me and brings me ever more in fellowship with God, loving what He loves and hating what He hates. Passionate for what He looks to do in this world expressing His Kingdom in all things.

This is the grace that does what I never could completely undeserved and lavished extravagantly by the abundantly generous God because it is His good pleasure to do that as a reflection of His love and His holiness. It is overwhelming to consider, but it is something He encourages me to consider because that is the basis on which the relationship flourishes.

It is this grace that I am compelled to share with others so that in the good news of Jesus Christ they too can experience what it is to be loved by an amazing Father and be called from rebellion and darkness into the joy of a loving relationship with the Creator of the universe. For that, I am forever grateful.

For His Name’s Sake


C. L. J. Dryden


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