December Thanks #08: Rest 

God looks out for me.

2016 has been a fascinating year for a number of reasons. Yet recently I have been able to briefly stop and be grateful for the fact that God looks out for me.

The tag of laziness has long been one never to be placed on me. Of late, however, I have noticed my propensity to get drawn into activity for the sake of feeling useful. My brain is hyperactive with ideas and I am too eager to put them into action as well as seeking to maintain some sort of connection with my existing responsibilities. If I am not careful I will be on a slippery path that leads to disappointment and despair at not feeling I do enough or not giving quality to what I do.

That is how I see God looking out for me.

There’s a friend I meet fairly regularly and all we find ourselves doing is talking about the difference between being motivated by fear and motivated by love. How certain church circles we recall drive people by fear. How that negated the truth of the grace relationship we have with God in Christ. Our efforts now in the light of the realisation is to flow in the grace by which we are saved.

I recognise that for me that is resting in the fact that there is nothing I can do to earn the love of God. There’s no actions I can take to make Him love me more. Indeed what I can do must come from a place of grace and accompanying gratitude. As long as that is the motivation, I don’t have to worry about behaving out of an onerous sense of duty. I don’t have to carry any weight of being active for the sake of feeling useful. I can grow to appreciate the benefits of the cessation of activity. I can appreciate the benefits of resting in the Christ of my salvation. I can appreciate the benefits of just adoring and admiring the beauty of His holiness through my wife, my children, my wider church family, the community in which I live, the wonder of His creation, the majestic beauty of His Word.

That rest in itself can be reinvigorating and remind me of that need to trust Him for everything and rest in the completed work of the cross.

It is definitely great to rest and for that I am forever grateful.

For His Name’s Sake


C. L. J. Dryden

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