December Thanks #07: Music

King Saul needed someone to deal with the torment that he felt within. Those around him saw that his troubled state needed soothing. The idea they came up with was to get a musician in on the job who could play a few tunes. They got the right guy and more often  than not whenever he got afflicted with the torment, the musician did his thing and the temper was quelled, the torment eased, there was a brief moment of respite.

I am not King Saul, you’ll be delighted to know. I don’t go around tormented, you’ll be equally glad to understand. What is true, however, is that music has a profound impact on my life. The voice, the other instruments, the words, the rhythm, the expression, the combination of it all has deepened truths to me.

I listen to Steve Green singing We Believe and the truths explicitly declared in song resonate to a degree of me that is far more than just intellectual assent or emotional thrill. There’s something about my being that appreciates holistically that the Father, the Son and the Spirit are integral to our entire being and believing that is worth losing my life to find it in Him.

Recently I was considering the impact of music and I applauded God. Truly in giving us song and music He gave us something so special and rich that it would send us right back to Him.

Sure, I am mindful not to make an idol out of it, as has been the case on too many occasions. Yet for how it has captured and expressed myself in ways that other outlets could not and how it has informed me in ways that other forms simply can not, I am forever grateful to God for music.

For His Name’s Sake


C. L. J. Dryden


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