December Thanks #05: Words

The very thought of living without words is weird to me.

That which I visualise and capture aurally I only know to express through the method of words. Spoken and written, read and heard, rich though the textures of life are beyond words, there is something powerful about the exercising of words.

I was sitting in a class where English was apparently being taught. The irony was in the way that the language was being abused and neglected its very expression was at the heart of it. It was amusing considering that irony only for a moment as I saw folks miss the beauty of the power there is in words.

The more I reflect on it as see in my appreciation for it in its different guises the more I am so grateful to have such a love for it. I am grateful for the power found in words. I am grateful that great truths are expressed through words. I love how words are the source of so much that helps make life worth the living. It is something I want to learn to apply all the more in my life and apply in a way that blesses those who come across it. Not for my brilliance, but for the brilliance intrinisc to the forumlation of the words themselves. I am not about impressing others with verbal dexterity. I am about the business of growing in how the word can have the power to point people to the Living Word and then become living letters themselves in a beautiful story of the amazing love of God.

Recently I heard one poet/prophet spitting some words and the power of them put together and uttered with such passion and zeal made me really think how great God was in giving us words. For that I am grateful more than words can say.

For His Name’s Sake


C. L. J. Dryden


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