December Thanks #04: Learning

It occurred to me again recently that there’s an order to things where I am concerned. I am a writer because I am a reader. If I didn’t read I wouldn’t be as curious and desirous to express myself in writing.

In a similar way, I am only ever much of a teacher because I am a learner. At heart as much as I am hungry to receive words, I enjoy learning. I don’t enjoy any kind of learning. There is an approach to learning that is fairly functional, clinical and kind of heartless. There’s a certificate to gain and recognition to boost future opportunities, so enough is done to gain it. That kind of learning has its place. It is not something I am keen on.

I love the kind of learning that captures everything. The emotions, the thoughts, the impulses. Everything. I like the learning that never stays content with what is learnt and always goes onto learn more for the benefit it will eventually give.

It has been my honour to engage in some outstanding learning experiences. Being with men and women who love life and that love has given them qualities they pass onto others who have the openness to receive it. The various creative ways that they have passed on their treasures of life have lead me to appreciate the beauty of learning that is not about classroom environments, academia, certificates and progress as defined by a society that often fails to consider being equipped is not always a matter of qualifications.

Listen, I don’t begrudge the system that has a method by which people are considered good enough to do a job. For me, though, there’s a lot more to learning than that. I am grateful to be a recipient of these methods of learning and growing.

It is something I recognise a lot too, that learning is not for the purpose of pride and boasting. It is something I have been guilty of before. Truly learning, though, is from a position of humility. My desire is to stay in that position to keep learning.

Life is a lot better because of the commitment to learning. For that I am forever grateful.

For His Name’s Sake


C. L. J. Dryden


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