December Thanks #02: Salvation


There’s a relatively popular old gospel singer called Shirley Caesar. Among her many appearances I recall her cameo vocal on a John P Kee video. In it she gave an example of what it was to be rescued. Her story was of how if you saw your child wander into the road when a car is rushing towards them, you would do everything to reach out and drag or push them away from danger. Her statement was that in the same way in Christ, God has reached out and plucked us away from impending doom. He has come to the rescue.

This is a truth I am often reminded to remember. He did that for me. In Jesus Christ going to the cross, an enormous debt was paid and rather than heading for eternal doom,I have been snatched away from that. I sometimes look on different episodes in my life where things could have turned real ugly. I know what it’s like to be depressed and suicidal and I am grateful that before I took another step, God reached out and rescued me.

It is not always an aspect that I recount, which is why it’s good to be reminded to remember. It’s no surprise that I enjoy super hero things about someone rushing into the rescue. It is evidently reflective of a greater truth of a hero who didn’t rescue via exercising great super powers, but saved by giving up His life and taking on the sin of the world.


Another aspect that I am really grateful for when I think of salvation is what He has done for a far bigger purpose than helping me avoid doom.

For this one, I love the scene of a rubbish dump. A man walks into this dump and notices an item that he wants to pick up. It appears damaged and there’s little wonder why someone has considered it good for nothing but scrap. It may have its moments, but it’s not up to scratch. Yet this man sees something of worth in it and is happy to pay the ultimate price to take it from the dump and patiently go about the process of restoring it to its full purpose for its proper use. That which would have been left in the dump awaiting scrapping now becomes a choice vessel for the use of the man who carefully and diligently worked on what He saw in the item itself.

A sense of drifting into uselessness is something I’ve experienced before. Despite being informed of talent, ability and being gifted, I never saw myself as being of much worth. I didn’t think my life was worth much. Yet in a growing relationship with Christ, I see His surpassing great worth in Himself. Also in Him I see that He has given me purpose and meaning. In that I see Him diligently and carefully working on my character so it reflects Him more and the pursuits of my life are becoming more aligned to that which is pleasing to Him and a blessing to others. That’s all because He would not let me continue living the lie that my life was of little worth and purpose. He did not want me to perpetuate a cycle of mediocre existence. He invited me on a journey where learning more about Him and celebrating Him for He is would be something that would shape my behaviour and pursuits.

When I say He is the treasure without measure, this is part of the reason why. He rescued me and He has salvaged me. I am His and He is mine. For that, I am forever grateful.

For His Name’s Sake


C. L. J. Dryden


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