Something About Joshua

There are few things more worthwhile than reading and growing in understanding the Bible.

Of late I’ve recognised it can be easy to get caught up with other material on related topics without returning to the source. Yet there is a joy in returning to what the Bible depicts. There’s one book in particular that has perked my interest. That, as the title of this blog has blatantly stated, is the book of Joshua.

Before Joshua I was enraptured with looking at books like Ephesians, 1 and 2 Kings, the gospel according to John and Acts. Those books are really fascinating. When I got back to considering Joshua on someone’s recommendation I came across something equally as fascinating. A person and a people. A promise and a presence. It was so intriguing seeing the journey of this people in getting what had been promised and realising there was more to the promise than just arriving and receiving. It was of great interest to note that for all that was being done, the advances and progress was all attributed to God. I love how the book of Acts, for example, is really about what Jesus does through His people. Joshua is exactly the same thing – what God does through his people. Just as much as there is resistance in realising the promise in Acts, so there is massive resistance in realising the promise in Joshua.

There is the way the people get duped, there is the questions to be asked about what it was for the people of Israel to possess the promise. There’s also the end speech by Joshua. Reflecting a character who acts as a model of manhood that I can learn a lot from. his life is something I can learn of and how he handled the the transition from Moses in the desert to the people in the Promised Land says much about leading people through change. Something I am learning about quite a lot about in life.

It’s why I find the book something very much worth giving a go.

For His Name’s Sake


C. L. J. Dryden

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