December Thanks #29: Memories 

I will not forget what God has done for me and my family in 2016. He has definitely exceeded my expectations in ways I truly never even contemplated before.  On this basis I am grateful for the memories of His faithfulness and goodness and look forward to discovering more of His greatness to those that […]

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YIR16 – 11 – That Team Thing

November was a great month, but not primarily because it was my birthday. In fact my birthday was one of the most innocuous and forgettable birthdays of my life. What was of far greater interest was the theme on the team. I was inspired to explore again how important team is to accomplishing goals. For […]

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December Thanks #28: Communication

2016 has been another year of my growing appreciation for WhatsApp, YouTube, Twitter, WordPress and other means of electronic communication. They have been means by which I have been a recipient of the word and been a conveyor of the word. The word has come in greatly through those means. It has been a reminder […]

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December Thanks #26: Mentors

It would have been easy to blow up and make a big deal of it. I could have sulked for a number of days and plotted my revenge. I could have resorted to refusing to engage properly because of the significant slight that I suffered. I knew better, though. I knew better not because I […]

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