You Ever Come Across That Psalm …

Hey, why didn’t you tell me about it?

There are 150 chapters in the book of Psalms. That’s a lot of chapters.

For all that, it is still quite something to come across a Psalm and be truly dazzled by it. One way to relate is a scenario I’m sure you’re very familiar with. You read a great book that you haven’t come across and you go and rave to a friend about the book that you never came across before. Then that friend turns around and say they’ve read it and you’re like, ‘How can you have read that and not told me about it? What’s that all about? I thought we were friends! What was that for?’

It’s like someone should have told me about Psalm 86. At least Psalms should have told me about Psalm 86, but it’s as if no one told me about it. Then recently I come across it, I read it and it’s like, ‘wowsers, how long has that beauty been there and I haven’t noticed?’. It’s the sort of psalm that you could read again and again and not get bored. The part of David’s struggle, the part of remembering God’s greatness, the plea to God for help, the desire to be taught the way of the Lord.

It’s that area which struck out to me as the Psalmist asked God to unite his heart so he would fear the Lord. The NIV talks about an undivided heart and I was just blown away by that concept. Lord help me to have that heart that is not about divided loyalties – loving you in the hype and dissing you in the tripe. Hailing you in the win and ignoring you in the sin. Praising you for a favour and hazing you when I get out. That cry for an undivided heart where my best hours, my best minutes, my best seconds as well as my worst and everything in between all belongs to God because He has my complete allegiance. Wowsers. That is quite the call by David and it is quite the request for me, but it is one that I make nevertheless.

Jesus was spot on, again, when He said that we cannot serve two masters – we will love the one and despise the other. Wholehearted love to God has no room for divided loyalties. It shouldn’t take much to claim that loyalty and complete devotion when we consider His loving and merciful character as well as the great list of past greatness that He has shown all those who love Him. Rescuing me from the depths and the very domain of death should be enough to merit my lifelong gratitude. Seeing His wonder in rescuing me from other tight spots is incredible. To see all that and think about giving my best elsewhere really misses the whole point of who God is.

A very dear friend of mine said that God has not changed – He is the same God. How He was faithful and kind to David, He remains faithful and kind now. That is not to assume everything is rosy, neither is it to neglect the love that should flow and manifest in good deeds for others. It is to stop and just glimpse at Him in His greatness and marvellous character and be so thankful to Him.

You talk about a psalm to meditate on – Psalm 86 is such a one. Why didn’t you tell me about it?

For His Name’s Sake


C. L. J. Dryden


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