The Ongoing Quest for Authentic Christian Fellowship 

Authenticity is at the very heart of intimacy with God and each other. It’s also the hardest thing to consistently practice because of the tendency to play a role.

Notice the quest is not for Christian perfection or everything being right doctrinally. It is to come across authentic Christian fellowship. This is not to suggest I have not had the experience before. In fact it’s exactly because there have been those experiences, why I am so eager to embrace it again.

What stops that happening is manifold. Sometimes it’s an individual reluctance to operate at that level of authenticity. Sometimes the pattern of the leadership doesn’t encourage that level of behaviour. Sometimes the church culture promotes the playing of a role often (ab)using terms such as being ‘spiritual’ and ‘protocol’ to justify a behaviour that stifles authenticity. These are just some of the factors that make such experiences so rare. Yet those rarities are exactly the relationship God wants with us and to that end His Spirit has imbued us with the characteristics necessary to make it a reality. It’s for us to revisit what kind of love Jesus wants us to display and use that as well as our ever deepening relationship with the Lord to inform us how we can make progress in this noble quest.

The call to be set free is sometimes allowing people to live in the liberty the Spirit gives to stop playing roles and learn to live with authenticity.

For His Name’s Sake


C. L. J. Dryden


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