When I Remember What The Lord Has Done …

I remember a time not all that long ago when tears were rarely in my eyes. That’s unusual for me because often in considering life in Christ, the intensity of His love and the beauty of encountering Him and engaging in His kindness tears are rarely far away. Yet there was a time where for months I didn’t well up at all.

That wasn’t a good thing for me at the time because it betrayed an insensitivity that had crept in and made its home in my heart. I could say the words and utter the sentiments, but I never connected wholeheartedly with what I was communicating. Not good at all.

Thankfully, God in His mercy cracked through and got me to be sensitive again to the things that mattered to Him and have a greater awareness and desire to witness, behold and respond to His greatness in life. I had just such an opportunity to take in His goodness when I had a conversation with a brother recently.

He took it upon himself to share with me a short insight into the story that took him from where he was to where he is. It does not matter how many times I hear it, whenever I hear how merciful and gracious God is in bringing people from conditions that seem insurmountable I can’t help but let the tears flow. And I am not ashamed. He is a good God doing good things in bringing people out of darkness into light.

It’s those stories that reinforce faith that says when we remember what the Lord has done we will never go back anymore. Even slips ahead in the journey … are ahead in the journey. As in you have made progress in the journey by the grace of God. And that progress that you have made encourages me to make progress in the journey by the same grace.

Very grateful for the brother who impacted my life so much to inspire this blog entry. I know his testimony will make a similarly large impact on others as they engage with him and then get to know the Jesus who has given his life purpose.

It’s a good reason for tears of joy to flow.

For His Name’s Sake


C. L. J. Dryden


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