The Team: Serving Each Other, Serving Together

One thing that bothers me about ministries named after an individual is the impression it gives that the whole offer of service is based around one person. The concern I have is that it doesn’t reveal something beatuiful about ministry. That beautiful thing is how we can serve together.

We can serve together and serve each other as we serve together too. For example, recently a group of about seven of us were praying together and someone shared an insight. It was a powerful insight about intensity and it left a lot of us duly stimulated and motivated in our ongoing desire to know Jesus. Someone else at the same time got something but were unsure if they wereto share it at that time. That person connected with someone else in the team and got the assurance and encouragement to share what they had. As it transpired that word built on what had been said earlier and blended in beautifully with other words that had been shared in time past. Those words propelled us to greater service and desire to help others discover more of the love of God in the world.

If there was an individual whose name was getting any kudos at all, that individual would have been Jesus Christ. No one else was looking to get credit and acclaim at all because there was a conscious awareness that we’re in this Kingdom endeavour together. That story spurred others on to serve each other as we serve together so that the name can get all the kudos for the life change still being brought about because He is real.

It’s that approach to serving that I find hugely endearing. It’s why I love spending time with these people who intentionally go about developing team ministry. It’s a pattern I know those looking on can learn from and feel more comfortable thinking about terms like ‘ministry’ and ‘service’. It doesn’t have to have the grandiose connotations some attach to it with corresponding heavy burdens. It can be playing their key role in what we’re called to do together.

After all Jesus is expressed in how we do life together.

For His Name’s Sake


C. L. J. Dryden


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