The Team: Moving Onto Greater Things

History shows that there are events where those who were unlikely to have succeeded beat all the odds to achieve success. Having achieved that, those who did it would then slip back into obscurity because there was a feeling that they had achieved as much as they could. Like getting to the top of a ladder to discover there’s nothing there worth staying and so making your way back down.

In certain pursuits that can be understandable and indeed to a degree admirable. What is even more admirable are those who understand that as long as there’s life there is always something more to achieve. It’s particularly impressive in the group setting. The collective choose not to rest on their laurels, they won’t get complacent and in as much as there’s time to celebrate a victory, there is always another victory to be won. Not only that there is the ongoing search to just see how much better they can become.

This desire to keep going does not dismiss what has happened in the past. Tradition has its place. That place however is never to the detriment of the desire to grow and grow. This growth isn’t about size, it’s about maturity, reaching the fullness that they are able to reach.

This competitive element is not about how many they can defeat. This is about how the collaborative element can be expressed at its best and then after that happens considering how to stretch that even further even as it goes beyond what they were comfortable with. It’s not about comfort, it’s about maturing the character.

For His Name’s Sake


C. L. J. Dryden


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