The Team: In Harmony and Rhythm 

Maybe some of us get hung up on perfection and in so doing miss great beauty in that which is not perfect. That is a shame. Few things in life are as beautiful as seeing people move in rhythm. Few things in life are as stunning as hearing people connect in harmony. It’s not always perfect, but little in life beats it. 

That sense of being in the company of like hearted people who offer something different and complimentary to the whole. Their generous offering enriches the experience especially as they pitch in at their given time and know when to ease back to allow another in. The rhythm informs the movement and the movement is timely and sensitive to what will inhabit its space. 

When those contributions from individuals are blended together and orchestrated masterfully … Well there are no other comparable experiences. Whether in a partnership, a family, a team or an organisation, such experiences can be found and can be real. It is for us who long for those experiences to come alongside the Conductor and see where He will place us and how we will fit together, complimenting each other and moving to the rhythm of His love. 

As we pursue Him, so He will direct us. We don’t have to worry about perfection. We play our part in His plan and together the piece we put together will change the world. 

For His Name’s Sake 


C. L. J. Dryden 


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