The Team: Fueled By Breathtaking Belief

If there was a penny given for every time the odds were heavily stacked against an outcome and the outcome still happened, there would be a very rich offering.

It took breathtaking belief to take on the ruling power of the day and win. It took breathtaking belief to take on the dominant mindset of the culture and overcome. It took breathtaking belief to buck the trend and acceptable norm of the age and prevail. It took breathtaking belief to get the weakest and most unlikely to rise to prominence making significant contributions to a new way of life. It took breathtaking belief for a few people to turnover an entire empire.

On a smaller but no less important scale, it takes breathtaking belief to see that your sins are forgiven; you have new life; you a part to play in the wider Kingdom scheme of things; you have been incredibly gifted to serve; you have everything you need to live this new life to the full.

That breathhtaking belief is the fuel that keeps the team going. It’s the fuel that is the motor for the team to persevere through trying times. It’s the light for the way when confusion looks to set in. Some of us lose heart from time to time, that’s why we’re in the team for others to ignite that breathtaking belief all over again. It’s also why some of us can take the responsibility to do the stoking of the flames of belief so we can be up and doing and working together to achieve greater things than we could think possible. Not because we are all that, but because the source of that breathtaking belief is a wonder that is worth saying it takes our breath away.

When we focus on that as a team and share that together, it can be the difference between amazing progress together and just wandering around for a generation until we die out.

Thank God for breathtaking belief.

For His Name’s Sake


C. L. J. Dryden


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