The Team: Founded On Essential Communication

You are talking and I am listening. I am talking and you are listening. You repeat what I said to you. I repeat what you said to me. We agree that’s what has been said. Then off we do something completely different to what the conversation was about. Crunch time hits and questions fly around as to why things aren’t done. It’s a mess. People get upset and offended. Others seek to cover it and soothe it and never address the core issues. things appear fine for a time. Then another conversation …

Before any other type of communication takes place, something that’s helped a number of teams I’ve observed is prayer. No meeting proceeds without that collective commitment to seeking the wisdom of God together. That essential communication done in that setting for all to hear and get themselves aligned with establishes the basis for everything the team will do. There is that understanding that what we’re doing has God at the very heart of it. That determines the level of communication we will have with each other. It’s quite something to see the same person extolling the virtues of our heavenly Father in one minute then turn around and give a blistering character assassination in the next minute. People witnessing that know that’s completely off-kilter because of how we established the premise of communications in prayer. It’s obviously very wrong to express such gratitude to God in one breathe and be stingy in acknowledging the benefits of someone else in another breath. Contact with God informs contact with everyone else in the team. It means when I say I hear you there’s also the commitment to understanding and applying where necessary. All because of that connection we have by faith.

That three-way communication creates a cord that as exercised frequently gets stronger and stronger. Much of what I’ve seen accomplished by team has been on that principle of basing everything on the essential communication – prayer first. Not just the sending the requests up, but basing everything on His desire to communicate through us in return. Our efforts are shared together as we pray together. We’re eager to see how He responds, we wait on Him, we depend on Him and the pressure is no longer about human effort alone. It is about the delight of the God who hears and contributes to the contribution that makes the team work.

For His Name’s Sake


C. L. J. Dryden


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