The Team: Playing The Right System

It’s sad, then, seeing people not perform in their best positions. It’s just as sad, though, seeing people play in the right position but in the wrong system. It sounds odd, but hear me out.

There are talented keyboardists, flautists, guitarists, drummers, programmers, trumpeteers, cellists, piccolo players and the sort who are playing very well, indeed extraordinarily well, but what they’re playing is … well … rubbish. (Cue: purists informing me that art is subjective, which I patiently hear and politely maintain my stance – the music is rubbish.)

There are footballers who are brilliant in their position and indeed are plugging away very well in that given position, but the style of play itself is not just lacking in inspiration, it’s also very much lacking in giving enough of the desired results.

I could go on about different spheres where people are positioned properly but contributing to a system that is not delivering things of substance, worth and quality. (I bite my tongue so as not to mention anything about certain gatherings of those of a particular familiar religious persuasion.)

There are a number of reasons why this is the case and some of it is because there has been a concerted and successful effort to persuade people that whatever the system produces is as good as it gets. It’s like we accept the standard of the football or the band or the workplace or the gathering of those of a particular familiar religious persuasion. Issues like tradition can leave an entrenched perspective suggesting that the dross that’s being produced and the mediocrity emitting from the system is not just to be expected but accepted as the standard.

When I think of that though, I am reminded of a number of conversations I have with a friend of mine. In each of these conversations without any hint or sense of it being premeditated we will rejoice over a truth we see in scripture and my friend will exclaim how that is Standard Christianity. It’s exclaimed because we’re aware of certain set-ups that completely overlook these wonderful fundamental truths to the detriment of the lives of those in that church. It means some of us wait for years having been successfully indoctrinated in half-truths, so when we’re confronted with greater degrees of truth that should be fundamental foundational elements we are bewildered and amazed that the constructs we grew up in went to such extents to repress, dismiss or sideline those essential elements of the faith.

Understanding these truths turns everything on its head. It means the mediocrity, dross, drudgery and other painful aspects of the system we lived in for so long does not have to continue at all. It means that the system we play in is not the only way to play. It means there is something to admire about the Kingdom system that demands we look even more into what this Kingdom style of living is like and then we can express ourselves well in the right positions playing in the right system.

This is a big deal when there’s so much that’s actively opposed to rejecting the worldly systems promoted so effortlessly. Coming across the Kingdom system, then, is the way that you can appreciate how much better life is playing in that system. So liberating, refreshing, invigorating, stretching, challenging and full of real, deep everlasting joy.

God in His wisdom had a great idea of the good works we can be up and doing. That requires us as a team to get into the right system.

For His Name’s Sake


C. L. J. Dryden


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