The Team: Working Out The Kinks

Lately I was sharing with a friend how I don’t really review what I’ve written on this blog that often. It’s often the case that once it’s been blogged that’s it and if I ever come across it again it will be months and years after I wrote it.

Seven years ago I wrote a two part post on Playing Out Of Position (you can read them by clicking here to read part one and then click here to read part two). Since then I have had a number of experiences about not appreciating where people function best and how they best operate because we don’t take the time to understand people. It’s still sad seeing square pegs forced into round holes and done in the name of ‘being flexible’ and ‘covering for others’ which has little to do with genuinely looking for the benefit of others.

What is encouraging, however, are the opportunities I get to be involved in as well as observe others working out the kinks in teamwork. A project is taking place and rather than just going with the routine of getting those who usually volunteer and sticking them in anywhere that’s not filled, there’s more attention given to seeing what the people present can produce rather than forcing people to produce something by those who haven’t taken the time to find out how the people best operate.

As I mentioned in the second part of that previous series on playing out of position, I’m not being utopian and aspiring for the impossible. It’s not a fantasy. People coming together with shared interests and a common goal can achieve that together especially as they understand and correspond to those in the collective.

My desire at the moment is to work out more of those kinks with regards to a project or two that I have up my sleeve. More on that as things develop.

For His Name’s Sake


C. L. J. Dryden


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