Resting in Blessing 

It occurred to me recently that there’s something immensely relaxing about being blessed.

Knowing how God has blessed me and continues to bless is something that takes a great deal of pressure off. It takes it off because He is more interested in me being a blessing to others to reflect His character. He provides everything needed for that to happen. He does it out of love and He is intensely committed to seeing that come to fruition. My part in that is believing that is the case and going on to behave in line with the belief.

That affects me more as I join my spiritual family in praying for others. It affects me more as I work with my brothers in engaging with others and seeing how we can serve, support and be a blessing to others. These efforts are not made in our own strength to show off any abilities or skills we may have. These efforts are done in cooperation with God who shoulders the heavier part of the burden, but invites us to learn from Him how we can reflect Him in the world. Every provision has been made for us, by grace. It’s just to get on the same page as Him and get excited about Him being up to something – and that something is people responding to His love in then becoming channels of blessing.

It’s on Him, it’s for us to join Him and watch Him do what He loves to do. That is very relaxing.

For His Name’s Sake


C. L. J. Dryden


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