Confessing About Stressing: When It’s Hard To Be A Blessing

What’s inside tends to emerge outside under pressure.

It is one reason why tough times come to see what’s inside. To be honest, sometimes what’s inside is a whole heap of stressing. Stressing about outcomes that may happen. Stressing about how I will look after things. So to help protect myself I ensure that there’s no room for stressing or no appearance of stressing.

The protective mechanism, however, makes it very hard to be a blessing because the energy used to be such a thing is already taken up on the protective mechanism.

Speaking to a friend recently reminded me that to put aside falsehood is often about getting rid of the protective mechanism. That mechanism puts up someone that isn’t me instead of releasing whatever is stressing me in prayer to God and in conversation with a trusted mature brother in Christ. That act of releasing things in both settings is a real big help, because in being vulnerable I am reminded that the presence of God lives in me to ensure that His grace can absorb the stressing and replace it with peace and assurance to flow in being a blessing.

I appreciate the friend and the environment that can be cultivated to promote that degree of transparency and vulnerability that leads to  relying on God so that others can blessed. That in itself is a tremendous blessing. Thank God.

For His Name’s Sake


C. L. J. Dryden


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