Making Room For Others To Be A Blessing

People are really interested in themselves.

Not everyone, but a large number of them. Just ask the right question and immediately they will be off and running about themselves in some capacity. They will hog the conversation and by the end of it almost forget how they started, such is their interest in themselves.

That can sometimes get a bit … annoying, when you’re hearing something familiar time and again. Yet there’s something to observe and appreciate in seeing them get animated about the subject matter.

Often, I reckon, in making a radical change to us, Jesus invites to have the same degree of fascination with ourselves and apply that to being fascinated about our heavenly Father, His Son and the plans that He has for us in doing good works. If that becomes the main focus of conversation then all of a sudden not only is the person talking tremendously blessed for the experience, but so are others as well.

It’s often a tragedy that some gatherings never get round to encouraging people to get in on that kind of conversation. It’s a shame that we don;t get to hear and get engaged in each other’s stories about what God did for them, what God is doing for others through them and what God has in store for them as they work with others in seeing His Kingdom come and will done on earth.

It need not be that way though. This is why the challenge of opening our lives to each other can be such an enriching experience on that premise. Gradually in each other we can recognise beyond the flaws and faults the Spirit of God in operation in changing that life to be more like Jesus. We can see how that life is in tune with the life of Christ – maybe in her giving, or in his ability to administrate well, or in her capacity to teach, or perhaps in his extraordinary way he can tell what someone was saying in an unknown tongue, or maybe in how she was able to glean what God would direct in a given situation or … and on and on and on. A plethora of God-encounters in line with the revelation of His Son empowered by His Spirit as we give people the space to be a blessing.

To give that space is about being open to people to be a part of our lives. Intentionally looking for opportunities for them to be a part of us and intentionally looking for and encouraging them to be a blessing even as we continue to practice being a blessing to others too.

Maybe that way we can get people to be interested in something even more glorious than themselves.

For His Name’s Sake


C. L. J. Dryden


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