Be A Blessing

Customer service operators (CSO). They are quite the breed of humanity. Their task can be thankless.

There was one in particular at place I frequent. On one occasion I endeavoured to utilise a voucher scheme and because of technicalities as to how the voucher could be used, I ended up causing a large queue. That CSO impatiently wanted me to sort out the issue right away and to be honest, I likewise wanted the issue and her to be sorted out right away. Thankfully an angel appeared on the scene to resolve everything beautifully with no cross words being exchanged.

On another occasion, however, there was another matter regarding products and their placement with the appropriate pricing. Who should be the CSO that I come across with this issue? She remembered me. I remembered her. Our eyes met. The setting was made for another … Nah, not really, she was perfectly cooperative in understanding the issue at hand. Although it required an adjustment that appeared somewhat awkward, it was done with her noting what needed to be adjusted.

As I left the encounter, although there was plenty to be aggrieved at, something struck me to challenge me on what it would to be a blessing to her. What would that look like. Sure, I behaved in a calm and assured manner which ensured the issue wasn’t aggravated. I certainly didn’t assert my rights and insist on things. Yet there was a challenge about what it was to take the initiative and be a blessing.

That challenge was intriguing in the light of other events of late where people expressed concerns over things not being done. Part of the complaints that arose came from the frustration some experienced because those who should take the initiative were too shy in doing so, where others who needed the support wasn’t getting it. In and around the conversation was a definite sense in which expectations was high for others to do something and not so high for the same people complaining to do much themselves … other than to complain about the others not meeting the high expectations.

Those conversations would be draining if it were not for that same challenge that I got for the CSO. The challenge to see how you can be a blessing. God has definitiely equipped each believer with enough to be a blessing to someone else. It doesn’t have to involve money, it does have to involve intentionality and a desire to look to be blessing. It is to see how Jesus wasn’t expecting others to do things while He chilled out eating grapes. His mission was to be a blessing to those He came across and thus inspire His followers to be a blessing to those they came across also.

That is no different today. Maybe it is the smile and courteous treatment of others. Perhaps it is being flexible where certain rules are concerned so that compassion can take precedent. It could be getting that token of appreciation for those who do thankless tasks. The matter could go as far as committing to spending time with someone, hearing them out, learning them, understanding them, caring for them, relating to them and investing your loving qualities for their enhancement. We can all play a part and we should be about the business of playing a part so that the world will know that Jesus is Lord.

Something worth considering when you’re next getting your shopping.

For His Name’s Sake


C. L. J. Dryden


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