Exploring Ephesians: Epilogue

Going through the Ephesian letter was a deeply enriching experience for me. More so than it has been in time past and I love Ephesians.

What has helped with that has been hearing the entire book read from start to finish on a number of occasions. Doing that has allowed me to get a better appreciation for the flow of the text. There are certain segments to be discerned for sure, but those segments are not easily followed with the chapters and verses. Also hearing the entire letter gives me a greater appreciation for key themes throughout the letter. For example the love that Paul concludes the letter with is a flourish from having centred the whole letter on gaining a deeper desire to know this unfathomable love.

This is a brilliant work for understanding the corporate and individual implications of the gospel, that’s because it outlines the gospel so well. It’s particularly great at seeing our salvation from the perspective of the eternal purpose of God and the mystery of God in making two one in Christ.

It is such a masterful reading that it is not one that I will quickly leave to go to another book. There are such riches in the book both about what we should consider about God and what that means for us being a mature reflection of Christ walking in the light even as He is the light. It has stirred me up all the more to be a part of the crew of believers who know it’s important to cultivate an environment in which people can see who God is and recognise who we are in the light of Him. Not just one an intellectual level but the a holistic grasp that gets people recoginising that as we’re all members of One Body and He has given us grace as He saw fit it is about us putting these things into action and it’s about our culture reflecting the Kingdom culture where God’s heavenly rule can truly be experienced on the earth.

I am aware that this desire will meet with severe opposition from without and within. I have experienced some of that already, but I am not deterred from the task at hand. This is glorious news for us to appreciate all the deeper and motivate us to be about His business.

It would be remiss of me to end this series without mentioning the work of Free Bible Commentary especially its founder Bob Utley. His preaching series on Ephesians was something I played and found of tremendous benefit. I heartily recommend checking it for yourself.

Meanwhile my heart is both burdened and aflame with the truths found in this letter and of the great picture it displays of our wonderful Father and His glorious Son who by their powerful Spirit make all believers one.

For His Name’s Sake


C. L. J. Dryden


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